Hanoi Hoang Thanh Thang Long Heritage Conservation Center strives to bring the heritage to the public


On October 1, 2010, at the 1000 year anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi, Ms. Irina Bokova, UNESCO General Director awarded the World Cultural Heritage Certificate to Hanoi City and affirmed:

          “… Very few countries in the world are able to preserve vivid memories of the founding of a capital 1000 years ago without disappearing over time. I admire you very much about this. It is an honor that Thang Long Citadel Center – Hanoi is recognized as a world heritage, and also brings new commitments and responsibilities to all of you..

From today, you have a responsibility to humanity, promote, protect and pass on this legacy to future generations, to young people, so that in turn they will tell their children. The story about King Ly Thai To”.

        The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – Hanoi becoming a world cultural heritage is the pride of the people of Hanoi capital and the whole country, is a tribute to the cultural values, thousands of years of traditions of Thang Long – Hanoi, at the same time opens up new opportunities in international cooperation on research, conservation and promotion of heritage values.

          In 2020, for 10 years, the central citadel of Thang Long – Hanoi was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage, the work of preserving and promoting the value of the heritage has made steady progress and the way to do homework. copy.

          Efforts to bring the legacy to the public

The propaganda and promotion of Thang Long Citadel Heritage Area is promoted in many forms such as exhibition, exhibition, website, social networks, online advertising, contributing to bringing the heritage to the public and visitors. concerned.

Activities aimed at visitors, improving service quality for visitors are focused on deploying the Center, such as building information systems, welcoming; complete signboards, improve the quality of guides; investment in upgrading infrastructure, improving landscape, environment, green trees, grass, seasonal flowers; upgrading standard toilets; planning, renovating parking lots … Especially developing the heritage education program, bringing the heritage to schools and reaching the younger generation.

From a “closed high wall” relic, only started collecting entrance fees since April 2013, up to now, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long has become a destination for domestic and international tourists. the venue for many of the capital’s major cultural events; the average annual increase of nearly 30%.

          A bright spot in conservation and promotion of heritage values

The Center has completed and approved 02 planning projects: detailed planning for conservation, embellishment and promotion of the value of Thanh Co relic (scale 1/500) (on August 21, 2015) and planning. overall conserving, embellishing and promoting the value of Co Loa relic (ratio 1/2000) (July 3, 2015) as a basis for implementing component projects according to regulations; implementing research steps to formulate a master project on conservation, embellishment and promotion of the relic of Hoang Thanh Thang Long Center – Hanoi.

        The Center focuses on intensive research and heritage conservation activities. In which, focus on building research project to restore Kinh Thien Dien Palace; Project on researching and rebuilding Quang Projector Light Festival; study of court rituals and intangible cultural activities. In particular, the center has collaborated with the Vietnam Archeology Institute to explore and excavate the center of the Citadel. received many new results, contributing to more clearly identifying the appearance of architectures and works in the Forbidden City of Thang Long so as to step by step study and restore Kinh Thien Palace.

Mặt bằng tổng thể kiến trúc sân vườn thời Lê Trung Hưng

Overall layout of garden architecture in Le Trung Hung period

          Pioneering technology application

Wishing to bring the most perfect experience to visitors, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is one of the pioneering relics of building convenient technology products and services such as wifi, automatic voiceover application on smartphones; bringing the heritage to the public more widely by means of online displays, 360-degree virtual tours; promote applied research by 3D technology …

In that direction, in 2020, for the first time, the Center will bring to visitors a convenient and innovative tool, an interactive screen to interpret the history of Thang Long Citadel, helping visitors to experience and explore. heritage in the easiest way, contributing to improving the service quality of the heritage area, meeting the increasingly diverse needs of visitors.

With its efforts to improve the quality of the destination, in 2017, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Vietnam Tourism Association honored Thang Long Citadel Heritage Area as one of the 7 “Top Tourist Attractions in Vietnam” .

The heritage has been preserved and is promoting its value in the right direction, well implementing UNESCO’s recommendations on expanding archaeological research; implementing a methodical heritage management plan; promote heritage education for the young generation and develop sustainable tourism.

The results of researching, preserving and promoting the heritage value in the past 10 years are solid premises for the Center to go to the next stage: long-term preservation of the heritage site with the orientation to become a cultural – historical park, a leading tourist attraction of the capital and the country.