Thăng Long Imperial Citadel Ushers in 2019 – the Year of the Pig


As the new year nears, Thăng Long Imperial Citadel seems to have a new, fresher outfit put on it. The area around Đoan Môn has been turned into a special space of spring flowers and colours, with peach and sunflower blossom in full bloom and a fascinating garden of pinwheels.

A square of spring flowers has also been set up here under the theme “The convergence of spring flowers in Thăng Long”, featuring such arrangements as Thăng Long Dragon, Spring Window, New Year’s Greetings Cards, Flower Carriages, among others. This offers an ideal place for visitors especially the young to sightsee and enjoy the cosy ambience of the beautiful spring.

Thăng Long Dragon heralding the new year 2019.

Decoration model for the Spring Window

Citadel gate abloom with colorful spring flowers

Childhood memories revisited: a wonderful space of beautiful pinwheels.

The pinwheel garden appeals strongly to young kids.

Colorful pinwheels.

Foreign visitors taking selfies in front of the sunflower garden in the new spring.

Thăng Long – Hà Nội Heritage Conservation Centre