Incense offering ceremony to open Giap Thin spring 2024 at Thang Long Imperial Citadel


In the bustling atmosphere of spring, the spring incense offering ceremony at the world heritage site Thang Long Imperial Citadel took place with solemnity and solemnity. This is one of the traditional events imbued with the national spirit of the people of the Capital, expressing the spirit of dignity, gratitude and respect for the generations of ancestors who have built and defended the country. Early in the morning of February 18, 2024 (January 9, Giap Thin year), thousands of people and tourists flocked to Thang Long Imperial Citadel to attend the incense offering ceremony to open Giap Thin 2024 spring organized by the Heritage Conservation Center. Thang Long – Hanoi Heritage Association in collaboration with the Thang Long – Hanoi Cultural Heritage Association organized many unique traditional rituals that were recreated in front of the Dragon’s threshold at Kinh Thien Palace with ancient sacred space and rows of trees. Fresh green creates a beautiful, solemn picture.

The spring incense offering ceremony begins with traditional rituals, incense offering ceremonies, processions, offerings, drum performances and Dragon dances, parades with traditional costumes… This is one of the activities Annual movement towards ancestral roots to pay tribute to the merits of ancestors, wise kings, and talented people who have contributed to the country and people while honoring traditional values and morality. Drinking water remembers the good source of Vietnamese people. Participating in the incense offering ceremony to usher in Giap Thin 2024 spring were representatives of the Party and State from the Central Government, Hanoi Capital, a large number of people, tourists from all parts of the country and international friends. creating a joyful, excited atmosphere to celebrate the new spring, warm and solemn together looking towards the future, towards good and meaningful things.

Not only is it an opportunity to remember and pay tribute to the contributions of ancestors, the incense offering ceremony is also an opportunity for everyone to gather together, share joy and hope for a prosperous new year. This is also an opportunity to learn about the traditions and culture of the Vietnamese people, contributing to maintaining and promoting traditional intangible cultural values. The event left a deep impression in the hearts of attendees and is a source of inspiration and encouragement for everyone in the upcoming new year.